Get to know Us

“An everyday conversation by two totally amazing friends!”


Sandy – We don’t want to toot our horn, but choo choo! We’re obviously two elite runners who win nearly every race we enter and set course PR’s all over the country.

Jill – Ok, slow your roll there, Meb.

Sandy – What? We have to impress these people. Be cool.

Jill – I don’t think they want to be impressed, they just want to know more about us.

Sandy – Oh, you mean like my 36”, 18”, 33” measurements?

Jill – Did you just quote Barbie’s measurements?

Sandy – Maybe.

Jill – Go stand over there. I’ll handle this. Please excuse my running partner. She obviously put on her crazy pants today. We are two mommas who love running. We’ve run everything from 5K’s to full marathons, including mud races, color runs and Ragnar Relays, yet we always gravitate back to the halfs. We both work hard for our PR’s, but we run most races for fun rather than time. We live in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area; however, we travel all over the country to race.

Sandy – Spice it up a little… at least tell them about that time you acted like a cartoon character when we were being chased by dogs.  Or how you gag every time you see roadkill. That stuff is gold!

Jill – Simmer down, saucy. I’d rather tell them that the Half Crazy Challenge was born from our own experience. We put our awesomeness to the test and tried the challenge ourselves. We spent an entire year traveling, running and racking up race stats, but received no award for the challenge itself. Although we loved the challenge, the rewards were less than stellar so we decided to create our own challenge with actual medals and technical tees as the rewards. We’ve made so many new friends during our travels that we decided to add in the network of runners so our members can have that same experience as well.

Sandy – We’re like MasterCard. Everywhere you want to be.

Jill – What does that even mean? I’m pretty sure that’s Visa anyway.

Sandy – Someone should record the gold that flows from my mouth. YOLO!

Jill – Ooookay, I think that’s enough about us. It’s time for someone to take her meds.