Can I run my own personal route instead of an official race?

Not sure why you’d willingly miss out on a bunch of phenomenal porta potty experiences, but we’ve got your back, Jack. Rather than posting a link to your results, you can email us a photo of your GPS/treadmill stats. (Please wait until the end of the challenge and send your photos all at once.)

I live outside of the US, can I still participate?

Yes! Our goal is global domination. While we’re taking over the world, please be aware that additional shipping charges may occur depending on where you live.

Does Half Crazy Runners organize their own half marathon?

Not at the moment, but it is part of our global domination plan.

Can I add a race to the race calendar?

Yes! Just email the race info and website link to

I am injured/have a hang nail/can’t run, can I transfer my challenge registration to next year?

Drink a beer. That cures everything. (Wait… no, it doesn’t. I meant THIRST. Beer cures thirst.) So, I guess, yes. You can transfer your registration to next year since that whole beer thing didn’t work out.

Does a full marathon count?

Ah, trying to out-crazy everybody else? A runner after our own hearts. Yes, any race 13.1 miles or longer will count towards the goal.

Can I run with my dog?

No. Your dog could use a break from you anyway.