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We are an awesome group of runners that run a half marathon every month for a year and get a special Half Crazy Challenge finisher’s medal and finisher’s shirt for our efforts.  By joining this crazy community, you’ll will receive a Half Crazy Runners technical tee and access to our member database which includes an amazing network of people who love to run just as much as you do. To get started, please fill the form below!



Run 12 official half marathons (at least one race every month for a year) and log your results into your member profile. We use a rolling calendar, so you can start the challenge at any time throughout the year.

Finisher’s medals will be dated the year in which the final race is completed. (For example, if you begin the challenge in June 2014 and end in May 2015, your medal will read: Half Crazy Challenge 2015.)

Once you register, you will have access to the private “Member” database. This is where you’ll create your member profile, input your race data and be able to search through the database for other members and races.

You’ll receive your Half Crazy Runners technical t-shirt upon registration and your Half Crazy Challenge finisher’s technical t-shirt and finisher’s medal upon completion of the challenge.

Shoot us an email when your last race is completed and once your races have been verified, we’ll ship your finisher’s medal and shirt to you just as fast as our little legs can get us to the post office.


Want to join the craziness but aren’t able to commit to the challenge? Don’t worry, we still love you. (In a stepchild kind of way, but hey, love nonetheless.) You will have full access to the private “Member” database where you can create your member profile, input your race stats and search for other runners and(or) races. You will also receive a Half Crazy Runner’s shirt. (Different than the “Challenge” shirt, but still fantabulous)